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For more than 25 years, Lock Distributors has offered high-quality specialist security products and accessories for a number of industries including vending and coin-op, gambling and entertainment, and self storage.

Our range features a variety of innovative security products and a wide variety of plug and cam locks, and hasps and bars. We also offer the millennium round lock—the only lock of its kind with the patented slip-ring in a variety of configurations for very high security application.

Our cylinder lock system is designed for self storage. With no shackle or slide bolt, it's a flush-mounted lock with the mechanism buried in the door.

There are many other non-standard pieces in our inventory, and we can also manufacture a custom piece to your specifications (minimum quantities apply).


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When placing your order, please consider the following options:


Specify type

  • Cam type
  • T-Handle
  • Padlock


Specify if you want to maintain an existing key code series or start a new one.

If you want to match locks from another manufacturer, specify the brand and model. Usually we can match Fort, ACE, ESD, Baton, and many others.


All LAI hasps will accommodate any size padlock with shackle diameter of 14mm or less.


Please refer to the chart for a complete guide to cams. We can manufacture a custom piece to your specifications (minimum quantities apply).

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